June 30, 2009

Wes Hayden from Bachelorette, BIO & VIDEO

Karma is coming for you, Wes Hayden!

Wes Hayden from Bachelorette, BIO & VIDEO


Wes Hayden is one of the bachelors vying for the affection of Jillian Harris on ABC's "The Bachelorette 5." Wes Hayden is a musician from Austin, Texas. Wes Hayden is 32 years old.

Aspiring country music star Wes Hayden had Bachelorette fans seething last week when he admitted that he and his manager had discussed what being on the show could do for his career. “There’s no doubt this is going to help me,” he told the remaining men on the show. “I got records to sell. I’ll always have Jillian wrapped around my finger.”

Trista says: "Somehow after Robby leaves, Wes gets the golden ticket of snuggle-time with Jillian. I want to know how he weaseled that in! It just makes me sick to my stomach for her that he says he has everything to gain, he "has a hidden agenda," and he'll always have her wrapped around his little finger. What makes me even sicker is his bit about tasting and eating the fame he is going to get out of being on the show. Oh, no he didn't!"

Wes from the Bachelorette

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