June 25, 2009

Zoe Pound Gang Info (VIDEO)

Zoe Pound sounds like the name of a new Hills cast member, but it's actually something else that's about equally as scary. Zoe Pound is the name of a Haitian-American street gang. They are mentioned frequently in Hip-Hop circles, in recent years, including prominent shoutouts from Florida's Rick Ross.

Zoe Pound Gang Info (VIDEO)

Six alleged Zoe Pound gang leaders face racketeering and conspiracy charges following a lengthy investigation into the more-than-a-decade-old gang, state and local officials announced Thursday.

Those arrested each have at least 11 prior arrests and at least two convictions. The roughly 50-member gang is said to have ties to crimes including drug dealing, attempted murder, dealing in stolen property, robbery, burglary, theft and acts of violence.

“Taking down these particular six members of the Zoe Pound gang is going to have a tremendous impact on the safety and security of the streets of Fort Pierce,” Police Chief Sean Baldwin said. “We’re going to continue to chase these violent gang members down and put them in prison for life.”
Zoe Pound Gang Info (VIDEO)

Posted at June 25, 2009 3:06 PM

These guys are crazy. we have mexicans causing havoc in the west coast and now haitians in the east coast, whats next, somalians in the midwest

Posted by: DJ_Blake at August 28, 2009 9:56 PM

what do you expect from american society.its democracr at its best.just think,the government allows them into the country.they are provided food,shelther,drugs and guns which are made in the u.s.
when the dogs get more hungry,just do whats natural to them.need i say more.america is beautiful.

Posted by: olufemi adedeji at October 10, 2009 11:43 PM

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