July 23, 2009

Bruce Lee Museum Contest

Cool news! A contest was just announced for the home of Bruce Lee in Hong Kong, where designers compete to come up with the best plan for turning Bruce's HK home into a musem honoring his life and great work as a martial artist, movie star and ambassador to the world.

Bruce Lee who lived America for some of his life and was educated here, was the perfect ambassador to the world for Hong Kong's culture and its movie traditions especially. A shame he wasn't around longer, and didn't get to star in the Kung Fu tv show like he was supposed to, along with all the other great movie projects he surey would have done. Imagine Bruce making movies alongside Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan or Jet Li..or Tony Jaa from Ong Bak. You can bet Bruce would have stayed in good enough shape to keep performing even now.

A group of expert judges will be joined by Bruce Lee's daughter Shannon in judging the designs, for this contest put together by the Hong Kong gorvernment. They're hoping to have an actual kung fu studio there, an archive of movies, and more.

Hopefully the museum's ushers will be trained to greet everyone with a one-inch punch to the chest. Dragon whips his tail!

Bruce Lee Museum Contest

"The former home of Bruce Lee is now a love motel, renting rooms by the hour. But officials on Monday launched a design competition to turn it into a Hong Kong museum for the kung fu icon..."

Bruce Lee Museum Contest

Posted at July 23, 2009 10:59 AM

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