July 29, 2009

Daniel Boyd's Jihad? (VIDEO)

Daniel Boyd. Terrorist? Maybe. See the story here.

In North Carolina of all places, a federal indictment has come down seeking to eliminate a ring of terrorists that they claim was led by a Daniel Boyd, who by all appearances is the last person you'd expect to be leading a Jihad. His photos look like what many call the "all-american boy next door "(which, yes, basically means he's a white guy). But apparently there has been a "Daniel Boyd Jihad" in planning stages for a long time now, with the group Daniel Boyd led seeking to fund jihad efforts overseas (not, reportedly seeking to set up attacks in Ameriia. For whatever that's worth.).

This just goes to show, after seeing people like Timothy McVeigh in the past, you can't make any assumptions about who is and isn't a terrorist.

Daniel Boyd's Jihad? (VIDEO)

"An eighth man wanted by authorities for his involvement in an alleged 'violent jihad' homegrown terror plot is still at large, the U.S. Justice Department confirmed today. According to officials briefed on the case, the suspect is believed to be in Pakistan..."

Daniel Boyd's Jihad? (VIDEO)

Posted at July 29, 2009 4:25 AM

Posted by: Buddy K at July 29, 2009 6:17 AM

Has any one noticed that the three primary texts the world follows “pits” one against the other? It is like having three invisible Generals tangled by phenomenology. This goes to show the depth that the human mind is subject to delusion. This great Nation’s ability to challenge terrorism must be and can only be tackled by “morals”. “Morals” is the only weapon against “dogma”. Such and adversary must justify then equate actions. This is a sad state the human race has found its self in. Please I do not wish to anger anyone but isn’t this rather “primal”?

Posted by: The Hermit at July 29, 2009 11:49 AM

hang him

Posted by: Anonymous at July 29, 2009 10:45 PM

Hermit; though Im not a religious scholar, and in the content of this comment is actually good cause 95% or average folk in every country are not religious scholars.

So with that in mind. I, and I suspect majority of other non scholars of religion in the free world see only one of the three root religions (Islam, Chrisianity, Judaism) that pitss itself agaist others and thats Islam. There are minor tit for tats in all the the text but it seems only Islam deeply pitts itself against the other religions.

For those who have chose NOT to get into the pit game with violance who are Islamic I would love to hear... and I mean this with scholarly intrest, how you see and feel about dealing with the rest of us infidels.

This site


has a muslims responce simular to this topic. One note that is mentioned several times by the muslum scholar is that even many Muslims have not been taught what he is expressing. Thats a big issue. In the countries with the worst issues of violant Jihad is taking place the Quran is held dear to heat physically and mentally but NOT READ, because THEY CAN'T READ. Cant read any laungauge. They are easily manipulated by the Imam with a terrorist heart by he telling them his version of the Quran knowing they can not read it to seek their own truths.

Posted by: coachgeo at July 30, 2009 2:23 AM

FAKE! The photo they're showing us is 20 years old. Google news Daniel Boyd for what the Islamic terrorist REALLY looks like. He's NOT the boy next door the media wants to portray him as. The photos of the others involved are also OLD and before they grew their Fatwa beards.

Posted by: Fake at September 1, 2009 12:41 PM

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