July 5, 2009

Disney Monorail Crash! (VIDEO)


Never expected to see this! At least more people weren't hurt.

Disney Monorail Crash! (VIDEO)

A Walt Disney World employee was killed when two monorails carrying several guests crashed at Magic Kingdom, emergency officials said. According to Reedy Creek Emergency Services, the monorails collided at about 2 a.m. Sunday, killing one of the train operators.

Austin Wuennenberg, 21, was pronounced dead at the scene. An incorrect spelling of the victim's last name was initially provided by law enforcement officials. The operator of the other monorail was not injured. Eight other people were evaluated after the crash, but no other injuries were reported.

A witness told Local 6 News that he heard a loud crashing noise when the Disney monorail crash happened. Video obtained exclusively by Local 6 News shows guests trying to help the driver who was killed in the disney monorail crash.

The monorail, which shuttles thousands of visitors around the sprawling resort each day, was shut down while authorities investigated the cause of the fatal holiday accident.

Disney Monorail Crash! (VIDEO)

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