July 17, 2009

James Caviezel Motorcycle Accident

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Scary motorcycle accident story, and not totally an accident but basically someone attacking him, from the looks of it! Not the sort of thing you expect to happen in small town Washington State, would've thought this was in a big city, but I suppose that's just a preconceived notion. People can be crazy anywhere.

James Caviezel Motorcycle Accident

The Washington State Patrol says actor James Caviezel suffered minor injuries when a man hurled a bicycle into the path of his motorcycle about 14 miles southeast of Leavenworth. Caviezel, who portrayed Jesus in Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ," was injured Thursday afternoon. Trooper Rich Magnussen says the actor was taken to Cascade Medical Center in this northcentral Washington city for treatment of cuts and bruises.

James Caviezel Motorcycle Accident

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