July 7, 2009

Jonny Makeup, Bio & Photos

Learn Jonny Makeup's name now, so you can get a head start on getting tired of it.

Jonny Makeup, Bio & Photos

From small town boy to self proclaimed it girl at the tender age of 17, Jonny Makeup worked hard for his money as a telephone sex specialist (where Jonny Makeup disguised his voice as a woman) and saved up enough dough to follow his dreams from home in Philadelphia to the dazzling lights of New York city. Jonny Makeup was joined by VIP Party Boys, a hardcore gay hip-hop trio formed with friends Peter Party and Bear. Jonny Makeup's gorgeous young men quickly caught the attention of everyone from Le Tigre, Beyonce Knowles to Jeremy Scott and Roseanne Bar - all of whom are fans of our music and style. After years of VIP Party Boys debauchery (including an appearance on The Tyra Banks Show), Jonny Makeup decided to forge his own path and Jonny Makeup has since begun his solo career. It was during this important transition that Jonny Makeup was officially adopted by Dov Charney, the CEO of American Apparel, and soon took the throne as heiress of the vertically integrated manufacturer in downtown Los Angeles. The company even immortalised Jonny Makeup on a special edition t-shirt. Jonny Makeup is currently working on his first album and plans to spend the rest of his life proving to people that dreams really do come true. See photos of Jonny Makeup here.

Jonny Makeup, Bio & Photos

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