July 1, 2009

Julie Imperiali, Carla Bruni's Trainer (PHOTOS)

Julie Imperiali, Carla Bruni's Trainer (PHOTOS)

If you've ever wanted to work an outfit like Carla Bruni, then a good place to start might be working out with Julie Imperiali, the woman who helps keep the First Lady of France in top physical shape.

Madame Sarkozy’s personal trainer Julie Imperiali is in residence at Les Celestins spa in Vichy, about 400km south of Paris, during weekends until July 27th.

Ms Imperiali met the supermodel singer at the Paris Ritz health club in 2004 and when Bruni married Nicolas Sarkozy, she suggested Imperiali train him also. The former French aerobics champion and dancer says she has helped the President lose nearly 4kg (8.8lb).

Raised on a farm near Lyon, Ms Imperiali speaks fluent English (her jetsetting schedule also includes clients in places like LA) but she manages to look great without shunning French favourites wine or cheese. She advises on nutrition, but believes in moderation and that clients should also be able to enjoy themselves.

Julie Imperiali, Carla Bruni's Trainer (PHOTOS)

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