July 4, 2009

Maria Belen Chapur & Mark Sanford (VIDEO)

Above is video of the two of them, with analysis. Below are more details:

Maria Belen Chapur & Mark Sanford (VIDEO)

A 41-year-old Argentine woman, Maria Belen Chapur acknowledged having a relationship with South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, saying Sunday that widely published e-mail correspondence between the two was obtained from her account without permission.

In a brief statement sent to news network C5n of Buenos Aires, Maria Belen Chapur said she will not talk about her private life, which has already been the focus of intense media scrutiny in the United States and Argentina due to her affair with Mark Sanford, including video and photos of the mistress..

"I have decided to send this statement to clear up certain incorrect things that are being reported," said Maria Belen Chapur about her affair with Mark Sanford "and put an end to a matter that, as you imagine, is very painful to me, my two children, my entire family and close friends."

Maria Belen Chapur & Mark Sanford (VIDEO)

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