July 21, 2009

Mullah Krekar (VIDEO)

Mullah Krekar is an Iraqi extremist who has been escaping justice by hiding in Norway, and tonight he was the focus of NBC's new primetime reality tv/news show "The Wanted." It's apparently a show where NBC assembles a team of journalists and military folks (including this blogger ) to band together in the interest of journalistic justice.

The show, that climaxed with a heated interview with Mullah Krekar, seems to duplicate both the entertaining and the troubling aspects of that other NBC enterprise, MSNBC's "To Catch A Predator. But let's be clear, this Mullah Krekar guy is clearly bad news to say the least, and is a worthy target who deserves to be brought to justice

Mullah Krekar (VIDEO)

"NBS's 'The Wanted,' a series that purports to send its own team to hunt down accused terrorists and war criminals — concierge-service justice — so far has mostly brought NBC News unwanted scrutiny...The first episode is presented as a manhunt for Mullah Krekar, the founder of the militant organization Ansar al-Islam, but his whereabouts is not exactly a mystery. He lives quite openly in Oslo, where he received refugee status in 1991.

Interviews with Norwegian members of Parliament and opposition leaders allow those politicians to express their outrage at the government’s heel dragging in sending Mullah Krekar back home, and it takes forever to get to the point: Norway, like many European countries, doesn’t extradite accused criminals to countries that have the death penalty, and Iraq does. There are ways to finesse that rule, but the program doesn’t probe why the Norwegian government hasn’t tried harder to find them..."

Mullah Krekar (VIDEO)

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