July 17, 2009

NASCAR Meth Epidemic?

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Below are the details on NASCAR star Jeremy Mayfield's latest trouble with crystal meth. There have been many issues with athletes and drugs but not often this type of substance like meth, so many find this news surprising. What does it mean for NASCAR and the sport of racing that its stars are attracted to such extreme addictive substances? Is it a by-product of attracting people that love living on the edge and pushing the limits of life?

Whatever it is, drug abuse is a serious problem and I hope NASCAR can make progress on getting rid of it and helping people. Maybe it can be a lesson to the millions of NASCAR fans not to get caught up with meth.

NASCAR Meth Epidemic?

NASCAR confirmed Wednesday that suspended driver Jeremy Mayfield tested positive for methamphetamines.

The confirmation came outside federal court after Mayfield's attorney mentioned the illegal substance several times during a 45-minute argument against the driver's indefinite suspension. Court recessed after Bill Diehl's argument and is set to reconvene Wednesday afternoon. "We will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jeremy Mayfield did violate the NASCAR substance abuse policy" NASCAR said...

NASCAR Meth Epidemic?

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