July 13, 2009

Queen Elizabeth II to Sell Poinsettias for Greenhouse!

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Queen Elizabeth II Said to Sell Poinsettias for her Greenhouse!

Queen elizabeth has lnog been known for her frugality, but in recent times she has had to make exceptions. The Queen has been forced to raid her savings to shore up the crumbling royal palaces, it was revealed yesterday. According to her annual accounts, she had to take an unprecedented £6.4million out of special reserve fund to boost her Civil List earnings.

Some rooms at Buckingham Palace have not been redecorated since the Coronation. The accounts also revealed that £300,000 was spent on improvements to a four-bedroom apartment in St James's Palace so Princess Beatrice could use it as student accommodation.

However, the Queen managed to again save £24,000 by selling poinsettias to offset the cost of her greenhouse.

Queen Elizabeth II to Sell Poinsettias, Greenhouse

Posted at July 13, 2009 3:31 AM

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