July 14, 2009

Ryan Reynolds: "Green Lantern"!

After this video I'm excited to see the movie! Ryan's a much better choice than Jared Leto.

Ryan Reynolds: "Green Lantern"!

Ryan Reynolds has landed the coveted role of "Green Lantern," getting the starring role in Warner Bros.' live-action film based on the DC Comics hero.

Martin Campbell will direct. Production is expected to begin in January.

Warners and Campbell chose Reynolds, who vied for the superhero role along with "The Hangover" star Bradley Cooper and Jared Leto. The momentum built for Reynolds in the last week, as he was the only actor whose option was extended.

Greg Berlanti wrote the script with Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green. Donald DeLine will produce with Berlanti.

fans say:

"Since the movie will probably be more comic book like for kids instead of an R rated action film for adult fans, I think Ryan Reynolds will be a good choice. I've been a Green Lantern fan since I was a kid in the seventies. And although I didn't like the Spiderman or Hulk movies, I can understand why movie producers target a younger audience. And more kids will be introduced to the same comic book characters us older fans have enjoyed all these years. I remember when they chose Michael Keaton for Batman and I thought right then and there "it's going to suck". But Tim Burton did a good job despite what a lot of fans thought about the choice of Michael Keaton. Lets just hope they do a good job with Green Lantern."
Ryan Reynolds: "Green Lantern"!

Posted at July 14, 2009 3:10 AM

Good choice. Ryan Reynolds is a good actor.

Posted by: Technology Slice at July 15, 2009 12:05 AM

This is a total miscasting. While I usually enjoy Ryan Reynolds work, his area has always been more comedic than serious. He is not a bad actor, but the role of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern in the comic is marked with a more serious undertone and a complex nature, that most actors could not portray. To have Ryan in this role indicates a complete lack of understanding of the character by the studio. This movie may be somewhat commercially successful just because the public loves the movie adaptations of comic books, but to the true GL fans this represents a complete failure on the part of the studio. It is my hope that this does not kill the current trend of adapting comics into movies, as I feel that this movie will be poor at best. Complete failure on the part of casting.

Posted by: GLFan at July 15, 2009 8:38 AM

Ryan renolds as the GL??? i dunno i think i much prefer him as the guy from Waiting!! LOL...anyway wasnt ryan most recently Weapon X in the latest installment of the X-men series??? i think its weird for him to be both characters since i heard that he is going to have his own spin off movie as weapon X...wut you think???

Posted by: biochemboi at July 15, 2009 8:54 AM

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