July 17, 2009

Safe & Possible Murder Weapon in Florida Couple Case (Billings)

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More and more crazy details keep emerging in this case, with information about a safe, and a possible murder weapon. This Florida couple, the Billings family, were famous both for their wealth and their charity and kindness, raising such a huge family of kids. So tragic that they died this way, and it seems morbid and unfortunate to keep obsessing over the details of how they were murdered.

But the story really is such an intriguing mystery, with so many layers of story and new questions emerging, you can't bllame everyone for continuing to follow it. Let's just all try to remember that it's a story about real human beings getting tragically murdered, and not turn into a saucy tabloid story or a plot for a movie. It is a real tragedy!

Safe & Possible Murder Weapon in Florida Couple Case (Billings)

The safe stolen from a wealthy Florida couple with 13 adopted children was recovered Thursday in addition to several guns, including one believed to be the murder weapon, authorities said. Prosecutor Bill Eddins declined to offer further details on what the safe belonging to Melanie and Byrd Billings contained or where exactly it was found...

Safe & Possible Murder Weapon in Florida Couple Case (Billings)

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