July 13, 2009

"The Hills" Video Clips

"The Hills" Video Clips

"The Hills" ten best video clip moments, as compiled by TV.com:

1. The Most "Moving" Moment-When Heidi and Lauren had to say goodbye because Heidi was moving into an apartment with Spencer.

2. The French Rejection-Lauren gets offered an internship from TeenVogue to go to Paris. Meanwhile Jason bought a beachhouse that he wanted to live in with Lauren for the summer. She's caught between both.

3. Worst Best Friend-Brody and Lauren hook up and Lauren is starting to really like Brody. Jen starts liking Brody. On Jen's birthday all the girls go to the club. When the see Brody and Spencer, they go over to them.

4. Most Awkward Red Carpet Run-In-Spencer goes behind Heidi's back and he hangs out with Audrina a lot. He always calls her, and he like always hangs out with Audrina. Heidi hated Audrina. Heidi was helping her business promote a new club called Area.

5. Most Aggressive Driver-Spencer and Heidi had been dating for a few months, and he wants her to move in with him.

6. Worst Fashion Fumble-Teen Vogue collected dresses worn by famous actresses worn to the Oscars.

7. Biggest Blow Off-Audrina didn't get invited to Heidi's birthday party, because Heidi was mad at her.

8. Biggest Spencer Spat-Lauren and Heidi are fighting about Spencer. Heidi has to choose, and she chooses Spencer over Lauren.

9. Most Inappropriate Party Crash-When Heidi and their friends visited Lauren's first TeenVogue assignment, and they got her in trouble because no one was supposed to be sitting at the VIP place Lauren was guarding.

10. Biggest Boyfriend Blow-up-When Jason got mad at Lauren because her friend that she used to like called her.

The Hills Video Clips

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