July 12, 2009

VIDEO: Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping UFC 100

VIDEO: Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping UFC 100

From a television viewing standpoint on "The Ultimate Fighter," Michael Bisping was better than Dan Henderson. Bisping was charismatic as coach of Team UK. Henderson was pretty bland as coach of Team USA.

But that's just on television. Inside the Octagon, at UFC 100, oh my God!

Henderson absolutely blasted Bisping in the face with a right hand that knocked out the Brit and left him motionless in the Octagon midway through the second round of their middleweight bout. It earned Henderson a $100,000 bonus for Knockout of the Night.

Henderson (25-7) throw an ineffective left inside leg kick, Bisping circled to his left, which just so happens to be Henderson's strong side. Henderson threw a loaded right hand that will have Bisping (18-2) asking what happened weeks after watching the videotape of the fight. Then, just for fun, Henderson

"That's what he does every fight," Henderson said. "He always circles to his left and I didn't think that would be a smart idea against me."

With Bisping flat on his back, Henderson landed a flying right hand square to Bisping's face before referee Mario Yamasaki could get in there to stop the fight.

"That one was to shut him up a bit," Henderson said.

VIDEO: Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping UFC 100

Posted at July 12, 2009 5:28 AM

War HENDO WAR now it is time for a rematch...

Posted by: Jeramie at July 12, 2009 1:25 PM

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