August 21, 2009

8-Year-Old Wing Walker! (VIDEO)

Wing walking, standing on an airplane's wings while it is flying, seems outlandish at any age. But doing it successfully when you're only 8 years old! Simply incredible.

But it happened this month in England, when a kid named Tiger Brewer (nice tough name!) became the youngest wing walker ever, carrying on his family wing walking tradition. From what I've read, the youngest kid before him was actually the son of Nick Mason from Pink Floyd, who did it when he was 11.

As you'll see in the video, it's not just randomly walking around on the wing, there's a very professional setup in place when people do it, and it looks like safety is fully considered. At least it much as it can be while you are standing on an airplane's wings while it is flying. Goodness gracious. My kid will darn sure never be doing that if I can help it, but congratulations to the 8-year-old wing walker Tiger Brewer nonetheless!

8-Year-Old Wing Walker! (VIDEO)

An 8-year-old London boy has become the youngest person in the world to walk on the wings of an airplane in mid-flight. Tiger Brewer broke the record set eight years ago by a then-11-year-old by wing-walking on his grandfather's biplane Thursday...

8-Year-Old Wing Walker! (VIDEO)

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