August 17, 2009

Aussie Quadriplegic Man Granted Right to Die

In a ruling sure to spark debate and controversy around the world, Australian man Christian Rossiter was granted the right to end his own life, as the top court in Australia ruled his decision must be respected.

Rossiter, who is a quadriplegic, can only be fed throug a feeding tube and was seeking the right to refuse the feeding tube and end his life. The ruling to let him do so will seem to many as merciful, but others no doubt see it as wrong to let someone take their own life this way. It's a very difficult ethical question, sure to be debated and fought out for many years to come. See the article below for more details. Personally I think it certain cases you have to respect someone's right to end their own suffering.

Aussie Quadriplegic Man Granted Right to Die

An Australian state Supreme Court ruled Friday that a nursing home in the west coast city of Perth must respect the 49-year-old patient's decision to starve to death. His case adds to international arguments among euthanasia advocates, religious groups, lawyers and ethicists about where the state's duty to preserve life ends...

Aussie Quadriplegic Man Granted Right to Die

Posted at August 17, 2009 11:07 AM

Duh...why is this even a debate....people can have a living will to decide things such as this if he/she are not able to answer for themselves, but i think he was able to answer for himself, is the problem? Perfectly healthy people should be able to do the long as your actions don't put others into jeopardy, noone should be able to dictate your rights to your own life unless you're a minor, etc.

Posted by: Desmod at August 17, 2009 12:40 PM

This decision is as it should be. This man has the legal right to die. We need to respect this right. People these days are accustomed to vigorous, healthy lives. Rather than linger in pain, causing pain and suffering not only to the patient but the family and exhausting billions of dollars for the lingering body to finally die; patients should have the right to die. This must be permitted.

Posted by: Denise S. Wood at August 17, 2009 1:38 PM

My sister suffered from colon cancer she was given two months to live after she was dignoised.She suffered incrediable pain the whole month and twenty days she lived she begged me to kill her many times of course I couldnt do it but I wish someone would of helped her put a end to her suffering it was heart wreching to see her waste away in bed to be killed slowly by cancer...its something that cancer by law could make her suffer and kill her but we couldn't help her pass peacefuly.

Posted by: rebecca at August 17, 2009 1:50 PM

We as a society tend to treat animals with more concern and respect then we do humans. It is ok to put your pet to sleep to end thier suffering but not ok to assist a human. Whats wrong with this picture?

Posted by: woody at August 17, 2009 2:33 PM

Being a nurse myself I totally agree with this patients right to end his suffering. I see patients every day who suffer and would rather be abel to make that decision than to continue suffering. A lot of times the patients families wishes come between the patient being able to express their own wishes. This should be a decision that a person can choose for themselves especially when the quality of life is dissatisfying to them.

Posted by: michelle at August 18, 2009 11:55 AM

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