August 29, 2009

Cowboys Star Roy Williams Shoulder Injury

Fantasy football coaches take note: Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams is now sidelined with a shoulder injury. Roy Williams somehow hurt his shoulder in a no-contact practice, in which apparently his teammates didn't hear about the no contact part?

The Cowboys currently say Williams does not have a broken bone, but they need to wait for more x-rays and such to be sure. Hope he makes a speedy recovery, I have him on one of my teams.

Cowboys Star Roy Williams Shoulder Injury

Toy Williams suffered a shoulder injury when hit by cornerback Orlando Scandrick near the end of a no-pads, no-contact practice session before 26,460 fans Thursday at the team's new stadium...

(I couldn't find footage of the i injury, but here is a clip of the Cowboys cheerleaders from that same day. No cheerleading injuries were reported.)

Cowboys Star Roy Williams Shoulder Injury

Posted at August 29, 2009 1:46 PM

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