August 26, 2009

Dakota Fanning in 'Wizard of Oz' Sequel?

Word has it Dakota Fanning is set to star in a new film version of the classic "Wizard of Oz."

Some sources are calling the new film a "sequel" while others call it a "remake", but either way it's said to be a much darker and more adult re-imagining of the Oz story. Apparently it will be in present day, and follow Dorothy's granddaughter as she goes through similar adventures as Dorothy but in a modern setting.

The Wizard of Oz seems like one of those movies you just shouldn't tamper with, but if they make this one different enough instead of trying to live up to the original, maybe it'll be an interesting film in its own right. Who would you want to see cast in the other roles, if they have a new tin man, cowardly lion and so on?

Dakota Fanning in 'Wizard of Oz' Remake?

Dakota Fanning could be poised to don the ruby slippers for a sequel to The Wizard of Oz. But be warned, the studio is claiming this new version will be "darker and more action-packed" than the original 1939 musical...

Dakota Fanning in 'Wizard of Oz' Remake?

Posted at August 26, 2009 5:21 PM

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