August 18, 2009

Dennis the Menace Makeover! (PHOTO)

The UK's long-popular version of Dennis the Menace is getting a makeover for a new BBC cartoon, but some fans are not happy with how his image is being cleaned up.

Their original Dennis the Menace, as popularized in the Beano comic strip, was constantly seen scowling and carrying a variety of weapons as he abused and tormented fellow kids. But for the new tv version he is being sanitized and made into more off a proper citizen, as seen in the photo comparison below.

Some complain that this is too "PC" especially the decision to stop having him pick on a kid named "Walter the Softy" so as to avoid promotion of gaybashing. But I think this is a good thing.. sure there's allways been lots of violence and negative behavior in cartoons, just look at Bugs Bunny. But it's only right to cut back on some of the more extreme stuff, especially if it promotes prejudice or bullying. After all, even in the Bugs Bunny cartoons the bully usually wound up getting his comeuppance in the end.

Dennis the Menace Makeover! (PHOTO)

Dennis The Menace has been banned from using his catapult, water pistol and peashooter in a new BBC series, according to reports. rather than terrorise characters including Walter The Softy, he will get into scrapes by dreaming up contraptions that cause mayhem...he has also been redrawn to look less menacing, with his usual scowl replaced with a boyish grin.

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Dennis the Menace Makeover! (PHOTO)

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