August 28, 2009

Joe Francis, Brody Jenner Fight

Yikes! As seen in the video below, Brody Jenner reportedly got into a fight with Girls Gone Wild founder and notoriously sleazy guy Joe Francis, after Francis allegedly attacked Brody's friend Jayde Nicole.

Apparently Nicole and Jenner saw Francis harrasing their friend, which led to a confrontation with Nicole throwing a drink on Francis, who allegedly grabbed her hair and hit her.. Jenner then stepped to Joe Francis outside the spot, punched him and then got tased, by persons unknown. After which Brody Jenner did what any responsible celebrity does, and tweeted about it. For more details see below:

Joe Francis, Brody Jenner Fight

"The Hills" stars Brody Jenner and girlfriend Jayde Nicole were reportedly involved in a fight with "Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis that may have ended with Jenner getting tased. According to TMZ, a fight broke out between Nicole and Francis after the reality starlet approached him after seeing him reportedly harassing his ex-girlfriend..."

Joe Francis, Brody Jenner Fight

Posted at August 28, 2009 4:59 PM

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