August 27, 2009

Kiss Surprise Ruined By Media?

So apparently Kiss held a contest to let one small town be added to their concert tour, and Oshawa, Canada was the winner. But then when the tour dates were announced, and Oshawa rock music fans were ready to buy tickets, Oshawa was nowhere to be found!

So the anger of the fans started getting media coverage, and even though Kiss was already visiting Oshawa later in a show that was left off the released schedule, they've now decided to switch up the dates and go to Oshawa right at the beginning of the tour. But the band, or Gene Simmons at least, is mad at the media and the fans for ruining their surprise visit? Am I getting this right? I'm not sure I understand what the story is here, or what Gene is mad about exactly. See if you can follow in article below:

Kiss Surprise Ruined By Media?

Gene Simmons, the fire-breathing front man of KISS, gave a tongue-lashing to the media and to some extent the band's Oshawa fans yesterday, but fellow guitarist Paul Stanley was playing a different tune.

Kiss Surprise Ruined By Media?

Posted at August 27, 2009 1:33 PM

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