August 24, 2009

Lou Holtz Notre Dame Prediction: Insane? (VIDEO)

Lou Holtz on ESPN made a crazy prediction that his old team, Notre Dame, will make it to the top of the BCS this year.

Notre Dame, one of the most storied and most hated college football empires, has had a long run of mediocrity in recent years, with many wondering how they ever get ranked at all anymore. But where most people found there #23 ranking too high this year, their former coach Lou Holtz insisted it was too low, and that because of their soft schedule this year they have a good shot at getting 11 wins this year and making it back to the top.

What do you think of Lou Holtz's Notre Dame predction, is he crazy, or crazy like a fox? Seems like a reach to me, but I need to prepare for my NFL fantasy league draft and don't have time to think about this.

Lou Holtz Notre Dame Prediction

The scenario Holtz depicts sounds ludicrous on it face, but I can actually see it happening. Watch them slowly climb up the rankings, until one day in December you wake up and they're No. 2 or 3 in the country. No one will believe that they deserve it and you will pull your hair out in frustrated disbelief, but it won't matter. Notre Dame gets what it wants...

Lou Holtz Notre Dame Prediction

Lou Holtz Notre Dame Prediction

Posted at August 24, 2009 9:43 AM

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