August 25, 2009

Michael Beasley Rehab

The Miami Heat's forward Michael Beasley shocked fans, friends and coworkers this week with his sudden entry into rehab, after an unexpected trip to Houston.

Judging by the statements released from his associates, the move seems to have come out of nowhere, as seen in the article below. Apparently some hints were dropped on his twitter page, where after revealing a new tattoo he posted comments about life not being worth living and similar thoughts. Soon after that he checked into a rehab facility in Houston.

Depression has been cited as one of several issues involved, but there was no mention of whether drugs were an issue. Celebrities checking into rehab usually brings on a lot of jokes, but I will simply wish him the best. So many people see getting therapy and professional help as something only other people do, only crazy people do, we need more examples of people seeking out help without being ridiculed for it.

Michael Beasley Rehab

The Miami Heat forward checked into a Houston rehabilitation facility last week and is being treated for various issues, including depression, a person briefed on the situation told the Associated Press yesterday.

Michael Beasley Rehab

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