August 20, 2009

Top Chef New Season (VIDEO)

Season six of Top Chef started out this week, with the show moving to Las Vegas for another round of high-stakes cooking.

Padma Lakshmi and the rest of the gang are back hosting, and a whole new batch of elite chefs are ready for cuisine combat. See the article below for a compelete breakdown of this year's purveyors of deliciousness.

After we met all the contestants and saw them go through the quickfire challenge and other gourmethijinks, the final showdown led to Jennifer being eliminated, thanks to some questionable seitan stuffing. Many will be sorry to see her go, since she sported a very spicy tattoo-marinated style, with huge hoop earrings stretching out her earlobes. but you gotta respect a show that makes decisions based on skills instead of entertainment value! So far it seems like we can look forward to another solid season from Top Chef.

Top Chef New Season Preview (VIDEO)

Thank goodness for Bravo. The network has saved us from the abyss of summer TV reruns with a new season of Top Chef, which premiered its sixth installment last night. Tom, Padma, and the new crop of chefs head to Las Vegas this time around...

Top Chef New Season Preview (VIDEO)

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