August 18, 2009

What is "Mad Men Yourself"?

One of the trendiest things on the web right now, especially on Twitter, is using software to "Mad Men yourself."

What does this mean? As in the past when people were able to Simpsonize themselves and make a Simpsons cartoon version of themselves, people are now making a 50's/60's style cartoon version off their own image in homage to the early 60's set TV show Mad Men.

The show portrays a world full of scheming, manipulation and prejudice, yet somehow everyone seems to romanticize and love it, and relate to its totally evil star Don Draper as a sex symbol that "every woman wants, and every man wants to be." So I guess it's only natural that people want to imagine themselves as part of the Mad Men World. See kottke's info on how to Mad Men Yourself:

What is "Mad Men Yourself"?

Pick out a suit, light a cigarette, slick back your hair, and download the result as a Twitter icon or desktop wallpaper: Mad Men Yourself...

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What is "Mad Men Yourself"?
Posted at August 18, 2009 10:49 AM

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