September 1, 2009

Demi Moore: 'Beautiful Life' Role w/ Ashton?

Ashton Kutcher's new tv show "Beautiful Life" just got another big name boost, with reports that his wife Demi Moore has accepted a role.Demi, who usually turns down TV appearances, is said to be taking a role based on former model and current reality tv star Janice Dickinson.

It's not totally confirmed, and some sources are saying it's just a rumor, but as seen below the UK Daily Mail says it is legit.

People always talk Ashton Kutcher like he's dumb, but he must be doing something right! Still on Hollywood's A-List after many years (or at least the A-minus list), still happily married to Demi Moore and she has enough faith in his brains to trust him on this project. Plus, when he goes on Bill Maher's show he actually seems pretty smart. I don't think we give this guy enough credit.

Demi Moore: 'Beautiful Life' Role w/ Ashton?
daily mail

Ashton Kutcher had already signed up Mischa Barton and Elle Macpherson to star in his new TV show The Beautiful Life but now he's managed to get a huge Hollywood A-lister - his wife Demi Moore...The character is said to be based on I'm A Celebrity star Janice Dickinson...

Demi Moore: 'Beautiful Life' Role w/ Ashton?

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