September 19, 2009

Emmys Host: Neil Patrick Harris! (VIDEO)

Coming fresh off his gig as host of the Tonys, Neil Patrick Harris is stepping up as this year's Emmys host!

It wasn't so long ago that people thought of Doogie Howser and thought "where is he now", but Neil Patrick Harris has actually been working steadily since that classic show, and ever since his great turns in the Harold and Kumar films, and his new sitcom success with "How I Met Your Mother", Neil Patrick Harris has been hotter than ever.

I'm still mad at the Emmys for failing to recognize The Wire, but I'm looking forward to see how Neil Patrick Harris does as Emmys host. He's a smart guy who can bring just enough funny without trying too hard like, say, Russell Brand (who I loved in Sarah Marshall but on MTV he was a disaster!).

Emmys Host: Neil Patrick Harris!

If only one awards show host at a time holds the "it" title, then the current darling is Neil Harris entered the big leagues with this year's Tony Awards, using his musical theater .skills and easy charm to win over the audience and critics. A phone call enlisting him as host of Sunday's Emmy Awards (8 p.m. EDT, CBS) followed -- which leaves a certain movie ceremony for the hat trick..

Emmys Host: Neil Patrick Harris!

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