September 10, 2009

Fed's Beige-Book Survey 2009: Good News!

The Fed's "beige-book" survey for September 2009 was released yesterday, and gave a rather positive outlook on the state of the economy as we enter the fall.

The influential financial report had good tidings for the future, indicating that the foundation for economic recovery is starting to be in place, judging by unemployment figures and various other factors. It also cited Cash for Clunkers as having a positive impact.. but there were negative money trends in the report as well and skeptics still warn there are many reasons to remain cautious about the economy in the months and years to come.

So what is the bottom line for investors? Don't look at me, you'd better read all the details and study for yourself. I'm just some random blogger!

Fed's Beige-Book Survey 2009: Good News!
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The recession is ending and the economy is finally growing again. That's the message implicit in the Federal Reserve's latest survey of businesses around the country, which found economic activity stabilizing or improving in most regions...

Fed's Beige-Book Survey 2009: Good News!

Posted at September 10, 2009 2:59 PM

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