September 2, 2009

German Psychologists: Red Is For Winners

If you want to win at sports, a team of German psychologists say the have the secret formula: always wear red while you play.

According to the German sports psychologists, in any sport that is judged or scored by officials, in a close match the referees and judges will be more likely to see the red team as winning, because psychologically red is associated with strength. In their studies, the same taekwondo matches were judged differently when they digitally changed the colors of each fighter's outfits, on the video tape judges watched. Is this also the secret to Republicans winning certain elections than they shouldn't have?

There's always been lots of theories by psychologists about how colors affect people's perceptions and desires, and lots of advertising is based on this, such as Mcdonald's using colors that supposedly make people hungry. So it's not surprising these German psychologists would find that red colors affect how people see performances, at least a tiny bit. But unfortunately for my Knicks, changing colors won't make the ball go in the basket.

German Psychologists: Red Is For Winners
Fox Reno

Researchers find that athletes who wear red during competitions are 10 percent more likely to win over their opponent. German sports psychologists at the University of Munster conducted a study, which was reported in New Science magazine...

German Psychologists: Red Is For Winners

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