September 13, 2009

Michelle Obama & Olympics in Chicago?

Michelle Obama is headed to Copenhagen, to help get Chicago their Olympics!

As you may know, the city of Chicago has been fighting for a shot at hosting the 2016, and there was much speculation about whether Barack Obama would fly over to help with the negotiations, on behalf of both his country and his Chicago hometown. As it turns out, the President has decided he is too busy with little things like his historic push for health care reform, so the First Lady Michelle Obama will now go in his stead, and try and help the Olympic bid to go to Chicago.

Michelle Obama is more than worthy as a representative of the cause, coming from Chicago's south side right near where the Olympics would take place.. the Obama hometown of Chicago could surely greatly benefit from the economic boost of the Olympic event, so hopefully Michelle's charm will turn the tide!

Michelle Obama & Olympics in Chicago?
seattle pi

The White House announced Friday that first lady Michelle Obama will travel to Copenhagen ahead of the Oct. 2 vote by the International Olympic Committee. President Barack Obama called IOC president Jacques Rogge personally to tell him that his priority right now has to be the fight to reform the health care system, but he'll continue to work on behalf of his adopted hometown...

Michelle Obama & Olympics in Chicago?

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