September 24, 2009

Oregon Coach & Tony Seminary

Sports fans always say they want a refund after a crappy game, but for Oregon fan Tony Seminary it actually happened, when Oregon's coach sent Tony a full refund!

After his beloved Oregon Ducks lost their college football season opener to Boise St., loyal fan emailed an invoice to their coach, demanding a refund for the game, which ended in disgrace after their star player LeGarrett Blount punched out an opposing player and subsequently got banned for the season.

Tony Seminary sent a demand for $439 in traveling expenses, and this week he was shocked to find a check in the mail from the coach, for $439! Seminary proed himself just as much a class act as the coach, sending the check backk instead of depositing it, with a thank-you note to the Oregon coach for his gesture.

Oregon Coach & Tony Seminary

Oregon lost its season opener to Boise State on September 3, during which star running back LeGarrett Blount's behavior got him suspended for the rest of the season. Alumnus and longtime fan Tony Seminary was so disgusted, he emailed an invoice to coach Kelly for $439 in travel expenses...

Oregon Coach & Tony Seminary

Posted at September 24, 2009 3:42 AM

good for them both.there are not enough people in this world doing the right thing anymore.everyone seems to be out for themselves and not willing to lift a finger to help anybody else.i applaud both of these gentlemen for their actions.the world would be a better place if everyone could figure out that one of the meanings of life is to help your fellow human and the creatures of this earth.unlike the jerk who caught matt carsons first homerun ball,and tried selling it back to him for $10,000!

Posted by: jack corgi at September 28, 2009 9:59 AM

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