September 6, 2009

Russell Crowe Bike Duel? (VIDEO)

A reporter who mocked Russell Crowe for smoking and eating fatty foods has been challenged by the actor to a bike duel.

The reporter suggested that Russell no longer keeps himself and top physical shape, and probably needs to take better care of his health and lose these unhealthy habits, but Russell Crowe says he is as fit as ever, and wants to prove it by racing against the local reporter in Australia.

Surprisingly the reporter, Annette Sharp, then took Russell up on the offer and the two actually had a bike racing duel.. which video shows was won easily by Russell, clearly in fine physical health as he left the reporter in the dust. But kudos to the reporter for taking him up on it, and props to Russell Crowe for handling the bad press with a sense of humor, and coming out on top.

Russell Crowe Bike Duel? (VIDEO)

An Australian newspaper mocked Russell Crowe for smoking and shoveling down a fatty meal during a recent bike ride, so the notoriously salty actor set out to prove he is still in gladiator shape -- by challenging the paper's gossip columnist to a duel by bicycle...

Russell Crowe Bike Duel? (VIDEO)

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