October 13, 2009

Armstrong Team Investigated: Syringes Found?

France has begun investigating syringes that were found during the Tour de France, but despite rumors to the contrary prosecuors have not said the Lance Armstrong team is being investigated for the syringes found.

Even though Lance Armstrong is unquestionably a hero for his triumph over cancer and tireless work to help others, many still perpetuate questions about the cycling legend and his possible use of performance enhancing drugs. So naturally many will just assume this case is about Lance Armstrong, but until I see proof, I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Armstrong Team Investigated: Syringes Found?
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French prosecutors have launched a preliminary investigation to examine syringes found in medical waste containers during the Tour de France.

The case was opened after the discovery of several suspicious syringes in a container given by organizers to all the teams to collect medical waste, the Paris prosecutors office said Tuesday..

Armstrong Team Investigated: Syringes Found?

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