October 24, 2009

Beauty Queen Sued: Breast Implants

Carrie Prejean is being sued by the pageant for the cost of her breast implants that they paid for as part of her pageant run. Prejean's attorneys claimed this was confidential info, but the pageant officials say it was no longer a secret that she had breast implants once she was seen in the swimsuit competition:

Beauty Queen Sued: Breast Implants
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t's a breast-case scenario as California pageant officials target dethroned beauty queen Carrie Prejean over her implants. The conservative Prejean, 22 -- who came in second in the Miss USA Pageant in April -- is being accused of ripping off the state pageant for the cost of her $5,200 breast implants, Fox News reported last night...

Beauty Queen Sued: Breast Implants

Posted at October 24, 2009 4:59 AM

This is really not worth commenting on. The actions of both parties should speak volumes to anyone with an oz. of intelligence.

Posted by: Go-Go Dancer at October 25, 2009 12:53 AM

Wow, and somehow we cant seem to figure out why the worlds economy is so effed up. Gee maybe its because we have corporations and people pouring all there money into fake tits for air heads, among about another million stupid things to spend money on (i.e. Unionised workers who dont do their job but cant be fired.) Oh well.

Posted by: Phillip at October 26, 2009 1:54 PM

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