October 6, 2009

Brett Favre Beat All 32 NFL Teams! (VIDEO)

Brett Favre made history yet again last night, as hsi win over his old team the Green Bay Packers made him the first quarterback to beat all 32 NFL teams!

The landmark came in a thrilling 30-23 game, that saw him going neck-and-neck with his Green Bay replacement Aaron Rodgers, and drew so much excitement it was not just the NFL's highest rated football telecast of the week, was the highest rated program in cable tv history! It drew in 21 million viewers. See the video below for Brett Favre's reaction as he was told about being the first to beat all 32 NFL teams.

Say what you will about Favre's melodramatic retirements and unretirements, but the man can still play! Invredible performance for a QB of any age, much less one who's about to turn 40. Congratulations to the man.

Brett Favre Beat All 32 NFL Teams! (VIDEO)
Fox 47

Brett Favre added another feat to his overflowing resume. He's the first quarterback in history to beat all 32 NFL teams. And, he saved the best for last - the Green Bay Packers...

Favre beats the Packers - Post Game Interview

Brett Favre Beat All 32 NFL Teams! (VIDEO)

Posted at October 6, 2009 6:52 PM

Not since George Blanda have old men felt so young. Thank you Brett for once again providing us older guys some dignity. Keep up the great job, win your devision and the super bowl and then gently leave the stage, Best of luck from an old man.

Posted by: Tom Hughes at October 6, 2009 7:52 PM

First of all I am a Packer fan...Watching last nite was hard but the longer I watched the more I realized why I like him so much...He is fun to watch play and what a master...you could see it in his eyes he was not going to let his team lose...not on this night because it was his night...his night to shine and again to prove someone wrong about him..Aaron Rodgers is a very good QB but no Brett Farve. Guys like him come along maybe once or twice in a lifetime and you better enjoy them while you can...Thank goodness he wore the green and gold for 16 years until egos got in the way and Thompson was so bull headed he made a huge mistake by letting him go...Brett...congratulations once again !!!

Posted by: Shep at October 6, 2009 8:50 PM

I thought I was a Packer fan but when Favre joined the Jets, I realized I was a Favre fan. I watch the games he is playing in. He made the Packers a powerhouse and he was grossly mistreated when they believed he was no longer up to par. I am happy that he continues to play. The man has a lot of heart for the game. Brett Favre does not have to prove anything to anyone. I hope he and the Vikings have a great season.

Posted by: Lin Merkel at October 6, 2009 9:29 PM

im a 49ers fan 4 life but ive always watched brett farve play man he is the best quarterback ever hes the tupac of football an the elvis of rock im in my late 30s when i watch him it makes me want to just throw a ball an bring out my kid side 2 i want him to get a ring again an retire on top u have nothing to really prove there will never be any1 on his level

Posted by: kevin at October 6, 2009 11:43 PM

I Been a Packer fan for years.and when October 10th 1969,a legend was born,and Brett Favre is just simply the best.his hart for the game.i loved every minute of monday night's game.Brett and his new team the Vikings did a job esp.Brett Favre.there's things some things he can do that no young or any qb can do.godbless Brett Favre.my favriote player in all of sports.Favre 4 Ever.

Posted by: Joseph at October 7, 2009 7:19 PM

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