October 4, 2009

Con to Sell Ritz London!

You've heard the old joke about con artists trying to sell the Brooklyn Bridge? Well some guys in London almost pulled it off in real life, working a con to "sell" the Ritz London Hotel to some unsuspecting suckers.

The men, who were arrested and are now facing trial, apparently convinced a local businessman that they were somehow in a position to sell the famous hotel, for the lovely price of 250 millions pounds. Their scam played out over several years, but didn't make it to the finish line as Scotland Yard tracked them down. They should have just come to America and sold sub prime mortgages, then their scam would be too big to fail.

Con to Sell Ritz London!

Three men are to stand trial accused of fraudulently trying to sell the Ritz hotel in central London for £250m.At a hearing at Southwark Crown Court, retired construction manager Patrick Dolan, 67, of Tottenham, north London, denied conspiracy to defraud...

Con to Sell Ritz London!

Posted at October 4, 2009 3:44 AM

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