October 19, 2009

Detroit Marathon, 3 Died

Sad news from the Detroit marathon, as reports come in that 3 runners died on the day of the race.

According to race officials, 3 competitors died during the race, which was actually a 13 mile "half marathon" for some, and a full marathon for others. Each of the long-distance runners collapsed near the 12 mile mark, apparently.

Detroit Marathon officials insist all proper safety precautions were in place, but its hard not to wonder if something was wrong, when 3 people passed away during the event. But long distance running and health experts say the weather should not have been a factor, and it may well just be a tragic coincidence. Either way, much sympathy and condolences to the 3 families who lost a loved one.

Detroit Marathon, 3 Died
fox 8

A half-marathoner and two other runners died during the Detroit marathon on Sunday, organizers said...Harshbarger told the Free Press that there were at least six medical stations on the race course and emergency personnel were on the scene within seconds. Every runner must sign a medical release form, and are encouraged to talk to doctors before they run...

Detroit Marathon, 3 Died

Posted at October 19, 2009 3:16 PM

as a former runner I know it takes a lot of you. But better to die doing something you love then in a hospital with a bunch of tubes sticking in you...

Posted by: dennisk at October 19, 2009 7:11 PM

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