October 29, 2009

NFL Commissioner & Head Injuries: In Denial?

As Congress hold hearings on the plague of head injuries in the NFL and their long-term effects, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is still claiming there's nothing to worry about. A lot of former NFL players, as well as medical experts, feel otherwise though.

Many studies have shown that the constant barrage of concussions and other head injuries on the field every Sunday are linked to the many health problems NFL players tend to suffer from in later life.

But NFL commissioner Goodell, sounding very much like one of those tobacco executives who denies that the sun is in the sky, loyally defended his product and denied that any studies have truly proven a link between the NFL's frequent head injuries and long term brain problems for the league's former players.

Critics, including congress, say the NFL should be doing much more to help those players who have developed long term health problems relating to the brain, and doing more to prevent the injuries.

NFL Commissioner & Head Injuries: Life and Death


The suspected link between football head injuries and brain problems has been the subject of great debate, and it played out again at the hearing. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, under direct questioning, wouldn't acknowledge a link. None of the members of the NFL's medical committee on concussions, which has famously discounted independent studies showing a link, was there to testify...

NFL Commissioner & Head Injuries: Life and Death

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