October 29, 2009

PepsiCo's $1.26 Billion Case

Executives learned the price of not doing your paperwork today, as the verdict comes in on PepsiCo's $1.26 Billion Case, in which they have lost a copyright infringement suit after an employee misplaced the documents alerting them of the suit.

Pepsico was sued by two men who claimed it was their idea to sell purified water, and Pepsi ripped them off by coming out with Aquafina. But a secretary apparently forgot to pass on the letter informing Pepsi that they were facing a $1.26 Billion case. How this possible? It's hard to believe Pepsi's lawyers will allow this judgment to go through, surely appeals are coming, but it goes to show you need to be on top of your bureaucracy.

PepsiCo's $1.26 Billion Case

It's an expensive lesson on the importance of reading your mail. A Wisconsin judge has ordered PepsiCo Inc to pay $1.26 billion to two men who said it stole their idea to sell purified water after a secretary mislaid a document alerting the world's No. 2 soft drink maker the lawsuit existed...

PepsiCo's $1.26 Billion Case

Posted at October 29, 2009 9:24 AM

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