October 30, 2009

Prof, Cop and "Beer Summit"

Months after their ballyhooed visit to the White House, Henry Louis Gates and James Crowley met up for a second Prof-Cop "Beer Summit" in Boston.

They met the first time after a controversial incident where Officer Crowley arrested Professor Gates inside his own home, and President Obama himself stepped in to bring them together for a summit. This time the prof and cop met away from the tv cameras and politicans, at a local Boston bar named the River Gods. Supposedly they talked for a good hour, according to other patrons of the bar.

Whatever one thinks of the original incident, I think both men have handled the afftermath with class, and set a great standard for how we can resolve conflicts even when they turn ugly at first. Now we just need to get Kanye and Taylor Swift together like this.

Prof, Cop and "Beer Summit"

usa today

Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates and Cambridge police Sgt. James Crowley have been spotted schmoozing together at a pub in Cambridge, WBZ-TV reports. The owner of River Gods pub tells WBZ that the two sat in a booth and talked for about an hour Wednesday night. The Boston Globe carries a similar report...

Prof, Cop and "Beer Summit"

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