October 11, 2009

"Red Watch" Friends

Binge drinking is a major issue at campuses across the country, and has been for a long time, but now health advocates are trying to turn that around with a new "Red Watch" campaign.

The campaign to spread awareness about the health risks of binge drinking, which can sometimes be fatal and causes quite a few deaths each year among young people, gives out the red watch band after kids complete a training program, after which they are ready to help their friends avoid binge drinking. For more info, see below:

"Red Watch" Friends

Health advocates are hoping that a cheap red watch worn by college students like Alicia Nelson will become the new fashion trend on campus this fall. The watches are part of the latest effort to counter the toll of binge drinking, a deeply entrenched problem at many colleges nationwide that appears to be getting worse...

"Red Watch" Friends

Posted at October 11, 2009 4:56 AM

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