October 11, 2009

Rush Limbaugh & Scarborough Beef! (VIDEO)

Top conservative pundits Rush Limbaugh and Joe Scarborough got knee deep into hip-hop style beef this week!

Rush Limbaugh said about MSNBC's Scarborough that he is "doing his best impression of a neutered chickified moderate" when Joe critiqued Rush's mockery of Chicago's losing Olympic bid.

Meanwhile Joe Scarborough said about Limbaugh:

"you've got all these people that sat there and said nothing while Republicans darted recklessly left with their spending, and suddenly they are the arbiters of who's conservative. And you can only be conservative by being intolerant, by waving your arms around, by screaming, by calling the President a racist or a Nazi or a communist. Come on!"

For more details on the Rush Limbaugh vs. Scarborough beef see the link below. I think I'd have to side with Joe Scarborough on this one.

Rush Limbaugh & Scarborough Beef! huff post

Rush Limbaugh & Scarborough Beef!

Posted at October 11, 2009 4:24 AM

Rush, Rush,Rush..............jush HUSH!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Sarah Dublin at October 11, 2009 7:26 AM

If he buys the Rams, are they going to fy him over the stadium with a big electric rotating sign, or are they still gonna let Goodyear do it?

Posted by: Blue at October 11, 2009 8:24 AM

its a real sad state of affair when people have to listen to the hate that is coming from rush mouth by the way did you fight in any wars,and yes get a life and try dieting you remind me of the pig from animal farm,an opinion is one thing,hate is another,you are such an asshole.

Posted by: Anonymous at October 11, 2009 9:26 AM

Rush, you are an iddiot!

Posted by: Carol at October 11, 2009 9:37 AM

All you mind-num robots who can only criticize Limbaugh as a racist, bigot, hater, or other left leaning catch-phrase are oblivious to the theft or your country an your freedoms by the Obama DEMONcrats, and the Left-wing media socialists. One morning you will all wake up to find that not only were and are you dead wrong about Limbaugh, but you are Mortally wounded by your own party and are too brain dead to realize it. Here's to Castro Obama and his DEMONcrat regime.

Posted by: David at October 11, 2009 10:15 AM

I agree with David. It's easy to put-down Rush L. I see one comment calling him fat. Wow, that's really original. He has a right to his idea's and has personal flaws. Yes, the masses are asses and that's the way it is. I think that Gray dark morning has already come that you speak of...we are just going through the motions. People would do good to read "1984". The price of freedom is to be ever vigilant...goes against this to attempt to censor someone's ideas.

Posted by: Jill at October 11, 2009 11:03 AM

limbaugh is an idiot, obama is an idiot, bush is an idiot, and so is clinton. And it takes a big fuckin idiot to get caught up in this left vs right game they love to play with the morons of this country who cannot see through it. just keep sittin there watching fox or cnn with your thumb up your ass wondering why your ass hurts.

Posted by: Dred at October 11, 2009 11:05 AM

Rush Limbaugh disguised as Carol!

Anyone who absorbs this man's Bullshit is truly twisted. Rush is a self serving, narcissistic infant.

Posted by: Jeffry at October 11, 2009 11:13 AM

Those damn Republicans can't even be civil w/ each other? They're starting hiphop style beefs w/ one another! Ha! lmao I love it.

And, Limbaugh is not only fat but, HE'S STUPID AN UGLY AS HELL. Now, how about that? lol

Posted by: Amanda at October 11, 2009 12:40 PM

Rush is demonstrating that he is quite ill, again..

I think he's begging for ANOTHER drug related intervention...The Gop calls him a pudit, palin scary, scary they have both demonstrated that they care about $ first all else doesn't matter, they think it's always all about them....

Posted by: Redshoes at October 11, 2009 1:51 PM

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