October 14, 2009

Twins Win Pageant, Tracy Turnure & Tara (VIDEO)

As seen in the video below, Tracy Turnure and her sister Tara made history this week as Washington's first back to back pageant winners who are also twins!

The twins, whose mother was also a pageant winner, are fraternal not identical, and look a bit different from each other, one is about 5 inches taller. But they both have the same charm and grace you need to succeed in the beauty pageant world. For more on these special twins and video of them in action, see the article below!

Twins Win Pageant, Tracy Turnure & Tara (VIDEO)

This goes beyond sibling rivalry: 23-year-old Tara and Tracy Turnure are the only twins to be crowned back-to-back Miss Washington USA. Their accomplishment might even be a first in the country. "I was crowned Miss Washington USA 2010. I got crowned by my twin sister Tara Turnure. It was just surreal," said the new Miss Washington USA, Tracy Turnure... (video report here, it's not embeddable).

Twins Win Pageant, Tracy Turnure & Tara (VIDEO)

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