November 25, 2009

Bad Workplace Gifts

THey say 3 things in life are certain: death, taxes and bad workplace gifts. But what are the all-time worst gifts people get on their day jobs?

According to the bottomlinevine blog, the worst possible workplace gifts are:

10. Anything Monogrammed.
9. Any electronic camera combo gadget, such as camera phones.
8. A donation in your name.
7. Meat Gift Boxes or Smoked Meat Logs (yuck!)
6. Weight Loss Books
5. Golf equipment
4. Office decorations
3. PIctures of yourself (this should never happen)
2. Anything handmade
1. Lingerie.

For the full explanations of why these are such bad workplace gifts see the link below! And happy shopping.

Bad Workplace Gifts

Here are the top 10 worst possible workplace gifts during thew holidays. While you peruse this list if you see the blatant absurdity, then pat yourself on the back. If you think some of these are cool gifts, then don't move a muscle. Sit right there and wait for my "What to Buy" suggestions!

Bad Workplace Gifts

Posted at November 25, 2009 9:33 PM

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