November 23, 2009

Black Friday Violence (VIDEO)

The big holiday sales are back again as Black Friday rolls around and shoppers get ready to go nuts. But will we avoid the excess of past years, where bargain hunting escalated into Black Friday Violence?

Walmart and other stores are starting their holiday sales earlier than other years, and keeping stores open 24 hours a day while beefing up security and training staff to keep shoppers safe (from themselves). For details on past Black Friday violence, and video, see below. And please shop safely, for pete's sake.

Black Friday Violence

The day after Thanksgiving is considered the first day of the Christmas/Holiday shopping season. It is often called "Black Friday" because it is when retailers that have been operating in the red first turn a profit for the year. A lot of retailers open before the sunrise that day for big sales ending later that same morning. This year it got ugly, very ugly. Across the nation, people stampeded when doors were opened, and riots broke out when items the crowds were seeking had run out...

Black Friday Violence

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