November 17, 2009

Clayton Teacher Charged for "Hit" (VIDEO)

A teacher in Clayton county is being charged for allegedly threatening to put a "hit" on a student and threatening him with physical harm, a day after asking the boy questions about his sexuality.

The high school teacher based in the Atlanta area, Randolph Forde, allegedly pulled dthe 15 year old out of class and asked him whether he was gay, and then the next day got into an altercation with the boy that led to physical threats. Authorities are planning a hearing to decide whether he will continue to teach, and he will be appearing in court under charges of making terroristic threats.

Clayton Teacher Charged for "Hit" (VIDEO)

Clayton County schools are investigating charges a teacher threatened a student after questioning the teen's sexuality...Randolph Forde, a teacher at Mundy's Mill High School, remains on administrative leave with pay, schools spokesman Charles White said Monday...Jail records show Forde was arrested last month of charges of terrorist threats and released on a $10,000 bond...for a video report on the story see here, from the local news station.

Clayton Teacher Charged for "Hit" (VIDEO)

Posted at November 17, 2009 5:27 PM

Not even possible.
Teachers don't get paid the kind of money needed to place a *hit* on someone. lol

Posted by: Gus at November 17, 2009 8:17 PM

Kids at schools lie all the time. If they don't like the teacher, they can make up anything.

Posted by: Anonymous at November 17, 2009 10:59 PM

Students threaten and fulfill their threats to strike, slap, or even shoot teachers every day of the week. I walked away. Mommies all over American are so busy blaming the public schools for their deliquent child, they forget to whom the doctor said ,"Push," to bring this brat into the world. Teacher! Protect yourself. Align yourself with nation teacher's organizations or become the next bloody victim of the pattern of America's non-parenting.

Posted by: odyssey woman at November 17, 2009 11:32 PM

What a pity. America seems to be becoming a naiton of gays where the straights will become a minority. Soon the straights will have to go underground or into the closet which was once reserved for the gays.

Look at what happened to Miss California. She was right in saying a marriage is between one man and one woman. She appologies to those who think otherwise. But hey no one forgave her.

she was asked her opinion and she gave an HONEST one. It looks like HONESTY is not a virtue anymore.

You know what "I'm expecting a similar backlash". LOL I DON'T CARE

Posted by: George Rego at November 18, 2009 12:50 AM

I think that it's a shame when people can't believe children and think that all they do is lie!! I am not saying that this is or is not the truth but if you werent there then you should not judge! That kid could really be telling the truth and your so quick to judge and call him a lier.... Anyone with children- muchless children in school would beg to differ! You shouldnt take sides unless you know what happend and saw it or heard it with your own eyes. What would happen if your child was in these shoes and was telling the truth? you'd just call them a lier and turn the other way and that could potentially cost him his life. It's better to atleast consider both sides than to be so down right sure that it's just some bratty kid trying to get a know it all teacher in trouble! Just my opinion on the matter- OPINION- I just think you should always assume that either one could be telling the truth. Ignoring these things is why so many children these days turn up dead because someone else wouldnt listen when they told them someone was threating them or doing unappropiate things!!

Posted by: nichole at November 18, 2009 1:03 AM


Posted by: Riceisgood at November 21, 2009 3:50 AM

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