November 3, 2009

Democrats & Governor Posts: Trouble?

As several key states hold elections for their Governor posts today, watchers of politics wonder what the results will show for the future of Obama's Democrats?

In two key races, Virginia and New York, an incumbent Democrat is facing a possible loss just a year after the Dems huge wins in the Obama election. Corzine in New Jersey is bacrely breaking even against his Republican challenger Christie, and in Virginia, Deeds is expected to lose in a landslide to his GOP foe.

So the question is, does this show that the country is disillusioned with the change they voted in last year? Or is this simply a case of two races that had their own particular history and reasons for turning out how they did. Either way, issues like the economey, jobs and uneployment, and the impact of the financial bailout clearly continue to be on people's minds, and the Democrats will need to restore confidence in their handling of the economy if they hope to stay on top, as well as moving decisively but wisely on Afghanistan.

Democrats & Governor Posts: Trouble for Obama?


Governor's races today in Virginia and New Jersey are anticipated as barometers of next year's midterm congressional elections...The New Jersey campaign has been a referendum on Democratic Governor Jon Corzine, 62, and his record on property taxes, roads and jobs. In Virginia the race has turned on traditional concerns of taxes and transportation...

Democrats & Governor Posts: Trouble for Obama?

Posted at November 3, 2009 12:47 PM

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