November 17, 2009

'Green' Ponzi Scheme

The SEC is cracking down on Wall Street investment schemers who pretended to offer eco-friendly investment opportunities in a "Green Ponzi Scheme."

Two financial investment firms are involved in the sting, which accuses the financial advisers of tricking elderly people into putting their retirement money into supposed green initiatives in Pennsylvania, and convincing the investors of huge returns due on their investments. The crooks' assets are now being frozen, and they are likely to face steep punishments for their crimes, as well they should!

'Green' Ponzi Scheme

A group of alleged fraudsters has been using "green" to make themselves some "green." The Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday charged four individuals and two companies involved in perpetrating a $30 million Ponzi scheme in which they persuaded more than 300 investors nationwide to participate in purported environmentally-friendly investment opportunities...

'Green' Ponzi Scheme

Posted at November 17, 2009 12:40 PM

Yuo stupid asshole tree huggers and animal lovers you deserve to get duped. I drive a prius and recyle everthing i can but i recognize economic realities. moderation is the term. just becuase it's a green investment doesn'tmake it a good one.
these people allowed themselves to get carried away by green oportunities thinking they are doing some kind of good. Elderlypeole have always been a prime target for schiesty mfers but any body with a brain knows at this piont and time that unless "green" investments are heavily subsidized there is no real money to be made in them. there will be a day of dire need when green projects and alternitive enery become absolutly necessary and that is the time to invest. THat day is still thirty to fifty years out.

Posted by: i hate dooshy liberals at November 17, 2009 1:20 PM

u have such a good point. i despise my self why did i vote for obama hussien i want change.
what change u say?... Well im not to sure but it sounded good. i especially loved it when obama bowed down before the kig of saudia arabia. i have no spine. i despise my self. Change! lets raise taxes and kill babies thats change for the better. if we make our counrtry socialist then every body will benifit. wait a minute i farted sniiiifffff! ahhh it smells so good. let me get my coat hanger and vacuum and kill a baby. yes i love killing people. im for whores rights. mmmm hmmmm! lets pay for it with hard working american wage earners taxes. weeee! im gonna go spend money saving trees and animals with no souls at the expense of starving destitute humans Yes!
Look at me i drive a late model vw bug im a doosh
i dont care what is right or wrong i just want to feel good yay! Heehee chimona! Chirky bick bok hee hooo!

Posted by: liberal at November 17, 2009 1:48 PM

you keep your change i'll keepm y money

Posted by: republican at November 17, 2009 1:51 PM


Posted by: rich republican asshole at November 17, 2009 1:53 PM

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Posted by: i kill babies at November 17, 2009 2:27 PM

almost sure that men of the cloth made a killing, bilking the aged

Posted by: Anonymous at November 19, 2009 10:15 PM

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